Leet Resumes FAQ

We've written bestselling books on resumes, studied and learned from millions of resumes, and created Leet Resumes to make getting a great professional resume easy for you.

Why am I having a hard time writing my own resume?

When professionals sit down to write a resume, they often write about how it felt like to be them. But what a resume reader wants to know is what it felt like to be your boss.

It's not obvious if you don't work with resumes every day. That's why we present your work experience in a data-driven, easy-to-understand format that explains what you’ve done to future bosses.

I’m great at my job, does my resume matter? Don’t results speak for themselves in an interview?

You may be terrific at your job, and still have a lousy resume. Unfortunately, you won’t get the interviews you deserve if your resume doesn’t clearly explain your qualifications and past achievements. Leet Resumes provides you with a data-driven resume, in an easy-to-understand format that works for ATSs, human readers, and hiring managers.

What is your business model?

Our business model is tips, partnerships, and introductions. We recommend tipping your writer; we're building partnerships to offer additional premium services such as hosting, distribution, and tracking; and we connect you with job board partners offering jobs at your level. As always, you control your information, privacy, and connections at Leet Resumes.

What resumes do you specialize in?

We handle all kinds of resumes including technical, professional, executive, as well as young professional resumes. Anybody with 2+ years experience in the USA and Canada. While we started by focusing on technology resumes, we’ve grown to include resumes for professionals in marketing, sales, finance, operations, creative, healthcare, human resources, legal, and project and program management.

How do you know about resumes?

Our Founder, Marc Cenedella, is a nationally recognized expert in resumes and job search and has appeared in the , Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC. He has written several Amazon bestsellers on resume writing. As Founder of Ladders, the home for $100K Careers, he released the famous 6 second eye-tracking study that showed that recruiters only scan your resume for 6 seconds in their first pass. He’s interviewed the CEOs and technical experts of the world’s five largest resume parsing companies. And done follow-up interviews with the CEOs of ATSs including Greenhouse, Lever, and SmartRecruiters. With Leet Resumes, we are applying all of these insights and more to making your Leet resume great.

Who reads resumes anyway?

Hiring managers, HR people, recruiters, and other corporate employees read and review resumes as part of their job. We help translate your experience into language they all can understand.

Are your resumes optimized for ATSs?

Yes, our resumes are optimized for performance in the world’s leading resumes parsers and ATSs.

What's the hidden cost?

If you’re a professional with two plus years of experience, we will write your professional resume for free. There is no charge to you. If you like your resume, we recommend tipping your writer your salary in thousands divided by 2, i.e., if you make $80K, we recommend a $40 tip. In fact, $40 is the average tip when users get their Leet Resume. In addition, we will make introductions to job boards that can provide jobs with titles you are looking for. If you accept the introduction, we earn an affiliate fee. In the future, we will offer additional upgraded services for purchase such as resume distribution, hosting, tracking, salary negotiation, vetted job opportunities, recruiter outreach and cover letter writing.

What controls do I have over my information and resume?

You have complete control. Unless you've opted-in to send your resume to a job board partner, we can't and won't send your resume out. We'd prefer to build long-term trust and loyalty with you, not an inbox full of unwanted attention.

What does a resume do for my career?

A resume is the way to show what you’re looking for in your next job, based on what you've done so far. A resume is a good chance for you to specify the career you're looking for, which flows logically from what you've done, what you know, and your credentials.

I'm a senior / lead / distinguished / seasoned professional, do I really need a resume?

The more skilled and accomplished you are as a professional, the more important your resume will be. Any serious interview, compensation discussion, or job opportunity will require a resume. The problem is that resume formatting, syntax, and style aren't obvious. Given the time, the manual, and a few hundred hours, you could absolutely figure it out on your own. But why bother? We’ll do it for you for free.

My resume is good enough, isn't it?

Maybe. But probably not. Common errors on your resume, such as pasting your job description, or forgetting to use numbers, or using two columns, can prevent your resume from being seen by the right people. And that prevents you from getting the interviews you deserve.

Does a resume help me get better interviews?

A well-formatted, data-driven resume helps recruiters and engineering managers understand you better. That attracts better, more relevant interview offers.

Do you write resumes for managers / directors / VPs?

Yes, we do. If you’re mid-management or senior management, we’ll write your resume focusing more on the leadership, managerial, and executive skills you’ve developed, and less on technical skills or job skills.
Once you get beyond managing 1,000+ professionals in your organization, a 3-page resume is a better fit for your career, and that is outside the scope of Leet Resumes’ current offerings.

Will you charge for resume writing in the future?

Our plan is to have the core resume writing service always be free. We suppose you can never say never, but a great, well-written resume is a really popular product. So it’s a great way to build a loyal user base, and we plan to grow our business on that basis.

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