Why is this the right format for my resume?

Why a strong, clean, simple resume format is best

Published by Marc Cenedella on Monday, November 8, 2021

You’re going to get hired for your next job based on your performance in the past five years. Your successes, accomplishments, achievements, and ability to deliver results determine whether you get interviewed, offered the job, and hired.

So the right format for your resume is the resume that tells a strong, compelling story about your past five years of success. Ideally, you’ll make the case with numbers - numbers are objective, they tell a story of the size and scale that you’re accustomed to, they show that you think about achievements in numbers, and they help your resume stand out compared to resumes without numbers. By far the most important advice we can give is to provide Leet with numbers to make your resume stronger, and to always be thinking about what additional numbers you can add to your resume.

A strong, clean, simple resume format is best.

Based on millions of resume reviews, thousands of hours speaking with recruiters, and seeing what works in actual searches, a strong, clean, simple format is best. That's why we write our resumes in this format, and it's why Google recommends it: https://www.leetresumes.com/blog/what-google-recruiters-look-for-in-a-technical-resume

Sometimes, professionals feel that their career deserves a complex resume, and may accidentally use a resume format with multiple columns, visual graphics, multiple non-standard fonts, and different font sizes and formatting elements. They may hope this will help their story and their resume stand out.

It doesn’t. A simple resume format [http] is best. You want to be remarkable based on your achievements. Anything quirky, unique, different, or non-standard you attempt with your resume format only limits the ability of the people hiring you to understand and read your story.

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